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Santiago's Leather Studio

“The BKF chair is considered to be one of the most prominent modernist industrial design pieces of the last half century and is, without a doubt, the most well-known Argentine designed product worldwide.”

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Bogolan Dyers of Mali

“An authentic mudcloth fabric is more than a simple textile; indeed it is an art-form used to tell the story of a people, explain the making of the world, or to simply express the artistic vision of the maker.”

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Weavers of Patagonia and the Andes

“Having more consistent income as a result of their work and their dedication, generates a direct benefit both to them personally and to their families: they are able to support their home, open a bank account, access health services, stand on their own and improve their self-esteem.”

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Seek and Swoon

“It would be much cheaper for me to have my throws made overseas. But I wanted to work as local as possible and supporting another family owned business was important to me.”

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