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Weavers of Kerala

Weavers of Kerala

In India, textiles have been handmade for thousands of years. Artisans have passed down highly specialized and precise techniques of dyeing, weaving and embroidery over hundreds of generations.

Our artisans in Kerala weave our towels on traditional wooden looms, masterfully employing age-old techniques in creating our products. First, the cotton fibers are hand-spun on a large wheel into spools of yarn. The cotton is then hand-dyed before being hung to dry in the sun. Finally, the artisans hand-weave the yarn into towels, producing an extremely soft and exquisite fabric which is highly absorbent and dries rapidly.

This fabric has been used by weavers for centuries to make fast drying towels as they are perfect for the subtropical climate of Kerala. Incredibly, this process produces a near-zero eco footprint as the entire process from cotton yarn to textile requires no electricity.

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