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Bogolan Dyers of Mali

Bogolan Dyers of Mali

Known locally as Bògòlanfini or Bogolan, mudcloth has become a world-famous fabric. This African fabric originates from Mali and is labor intensive. Our mudcloth fabric is made in a small village by some of the best mudcloth makers in the country.

The process of making mudcloth fabric is labor intensive and time consuming. First, white hand-spun cotton is woven on looms into strips of fabric which are then sewn together. Next, the cotton fabric is masterfully dyed using local trees and plants and dried in the sun. The cotton fabric is then delicately hand-painted with beautiful symbols typical of Mali’s rich culture using fermented mud.The mud is collected ahead of time from local rivers and left to ferment for some time before being applied to the fabric. The entire process takes approximately four days to complete.

Our artisans make our pillows especially strong and durable by using mudcloth fabric for both the front and back of the pillow. Both sides are lined on the inside with a separate fabric liner. The perimeter seams are double stitched and the interior seams are double stitched into the fabric liner for strength.

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