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Seek and Swoon

Seek and Swoon

Our knit throws are designed in Portland, OR and made in a second generation, family-owned and operated knitting mill in the US. In the 80s, the knitting industry took a hard hit as many retailers moved their manufacturing overseas. Many US knitting mills closed and our blankets are made at one of the few that were able to survive.

Our blankets are made from 75% recycled cotton and 25% recycled polyester, the minimal amount of polyester required to make the blankets strong and durable so that they hold up in the wash and last for years.

The polyester used is made from recycled soda bottles. As for the cotton fabric used, cotton scraps are collected from apparel factories’ cutting room floors and refiberized back into the recycled cotton yarn we use for our blankets. This process prevents these fabric scraps from ending up in our landfills and is much more sustainable than creating new cotton fabric as there is no bleaching or dyeing involved - processes that waste energy and release fumes and chemicals into the environment. Using this technique, we are also saving natural resources by putting the materials back into the economy.

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