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Large White Sheepskin Rug

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Handmade in Caucasus Mountains
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  • Description

    Classic and stunning, our ivory sheepskin throw is an elegant and versatile statement piece. Use it as a soft nursery play mat or as a lounge throw to complete any boho ensemble.

    Tanned with biobased lactic acid and softened with animal fats, our wool throw is ethically sourced and hand-picked from local farmers in Southern Russia, whose sheep roam freely for miles each day through the beautiful Caucasus mountains.

    As each pelt is unique, slight natural variations in color and texture should be expected.

  • Details

    • Color: Ivory
    • Dimensions: Since these throws are made from sheep's wool, expect natural variations in size. Approximately L 40-45 x W 28-33 inches.
    • Materials: Genuine Gotland sheepskin
    • origin: Caucasus Mountains
    • Care: Shake out once or twice a month to remove dust. Use an animal brush to comb.

Meticulously Crafted from the Finest Natural Materials

Pure Sheepskin

Made from the hand-picked hides of organic sheep, our hypoallergenic fur pelts help regulate temperature and reduce odor.

Naturally Tanned

Our premium animal hides are tanned using natural techniques, free of dangerous chemicals. No dyes are used, resulting in a beautiful, natural look that’s extremely soft to the touch.