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Navy Blue Azul Plate

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  • Description

    Our azul plate is quite the eye-catcher! Boasting a deep navy blue color and a brilliant white interior, this plate makes for a stunning accent piece for your coffee table or kitchen counter.

    This plate pairs beautifully with our Navy Blue Azul Bowl.

    Sustainably hand made in Portugal from 100% recycled textiles.

  • Details

    • Color: Navy blue exterior, white interior
    • Dimensions: Approximately W 14.5 x H 2.4 inches (37 x 6 cm).
    • Materials: 100% recycled textile selvedge, white glue and EU eco label varnish.
    • origin: Portugal
    • Weight: 1.3 lbs (600g)
    • Care: Wipe down with dry cloth.

Meticulously Crafted from the Finest Natural Materials

100% Recycled Textiles

Recovered textile trimmings that would otherwise be discarded help reduce waste and carbon emissions, while resulting in a sturdy and functional finished product.

Sustainably Sourced

Created using sustainable sourcing practices, our artisans use natural materials that are designed for durability, while respecting the environment and those who produce them.