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Gray Linen Wool Filled Comforter

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  • Description

    Our beautiful comforter is handmade in Lithuania and features a soft stonewashed linen cover filled with layers of fluffy wool batting. The wool is 100% organic sheep's wool sourced from a local Lithuanian farm. The layers of the duvet are sewn together with a coral thread in a diamond style stitch to prevent the fiber from shifting.

    Linen is inherently breathable and wool blocks moisture and wicks perspiration away from your body, ensuring our linen-wool comforter will keep you comfortable and snug all night long. Moreover, linen and wool are both naturally hypoallergenic and antibacterial and wool fibers are inherently resistant to dust mites, mold and mildew, keeping our blanket clean and fresh. 

    Our comforter is available in three weights: summer, 4 seasons and winter. Each features a different fill weight, based on the quantity of wool per square meter - the heavier the fill weight, the warmer the duvet. Our winter duvet has the highest fill weight and is therefore the warmest and our summer duvet has the lowest fill weight and is therefore the lightest. Our 4 seasons duvet is designed for year-round comfort. If you prefer to sleep in a warmer environment, a heavier fill will be more comfortable but if you prefer sleeping in a cooler environment, we recommend a lighter fill.

  • Details

    • Color: Gray
    • Materials: 100% soft stone washed linen cover, 100% organic sheep's wool fill sourced from local Lithuanian farms
    • origin: Lithuania
    • Sizes: Twin: 68 x 90 inches, Full/Queen: 90 x 94 inches, King/Cal King: 108 x 96 inches
    • Care: Hand wash or spot clean with mild soap solution or dry clean. May be exposed to sun and aired out to freshen. The wool fill naturally repels moisture and dirt so is inherently clean. Comforter may have a fresh wool smell when first received, which will disappear within a couple of weeks.

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Soft and versatile, wool will keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Our wools are sourced from the finest sheep, and are carefully spun into delicate yet durable cloth.

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