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Agatti Wool Dhurrie Rug - 4' x 6'

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  • Description

    Boasting a contemporary black and gray design inspired by tradition, this exquisite dhurrie rug is a truly unique masterpiece.

    Each Agatti rug is naturally dyed and takes a whole week to weave by hand using a primitive loom. Our kharad weavers are the last two remaining artisans in India who are able to produce this exclusive design.

    • Details

      • Color: Black, gray and white
      • Dimensions: 4' W x 6' H
      • Materials: 85% wool, 15% cotton
      • origin: India

    Meticulously Crafted from the Finest Natural Materials

    Traditionally Woven

    Threads are delicately interlaced with each other on traditional looms to create a beautiful, decorative design that’s sure to wow your guests for years to come.

    100% Natural Wool

    Soft and versatile, wool will keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Our wools are sourced from the finest sheep, and are carefully spun into delicate yet durable cloth.

    Chemical-Free Dyes

    Our artisans create natural dyes using only natural, locally sourced materials. No artificial dyes or chemicals are used in the process.