White Delicate Striped Ceramic Serving Bowl


This product takes 3-4 weeks to make.

Our gorgeous modern serving bowl features a delicate striped minimalist pattern and is folded by hand from a ceramic surface, creating its unique square corners.

Perfect for serving your favorite pastas, vegetable dishes or a small green salad, or for storing freshly picked fruit.

Each bowl is handmade from folded stoneware sheets stamped with a striped pattern, dipped in a white glaze and burned at a high temperature.


White with black stripes


Diameter: 8 inches (19 cm). Height: 3 inches (7 cm).


Stoneware sheets, glaze

Care instructions

Food, oven, microwave and dishwasher safe. Hand washing preferred.


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Expertly crafted by FreeFolding
in Israel

FreeFolding is a ceramic studio brand that creates contemporary practical ceramic homeware. All products are 100% handmade and do not utilize any means of mass production. Each step of the creation process is carried out meticulously and with devotion, resulting in exquisite, beautiful pieces.

All FreeFolding products are oven, microwave and dishwasher safe, making them perfect for adding both style and functionality to your kitchen.

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