Our Mission

We believe that we can do better than "mass manufactured in China." 

There are expert craftspeople worldwide that have been making products for generations, refining their skills and becoming true masters in their field.

These trades are slowly becoming extinct, ever since 20th century consumerism turned away from local talent and small production toward cheaper quality and mass manufacturing abroad, destroying communities and our earth.

We both come from families of tradesmen. Avishai's grandparents built a business when they arrived in the US, cutting and manufacturing garments to send their children to school. Liat's grandfather supported his widowed mother and younger sister by hand-making shoes for British soldiers. We have a deep appreciation for the quality and beauty of products made by craftsmen and wanted to start a company that would foster their talents.

We're on a mission to partner with skilled small producers who are experts in their field to make our products in small batches using their age-old techniques, enabling you to shop for the highest quality products for your home while giving new life to these trades.

We believe that a wave of valuing quality and supporting local businesses has started and we are excited to be a part of the journey.

Liat + Avishai


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