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Marrakech Weaving Coop

Marrakech Weaving Coop

To produce our Moroccan pom pom pieces and leather pillow, we partner with a cooperative of master craftspeople in Marrakech, Morocco that come from a rich lineage of tradesmen.

Mohamed is the head of the weaving workshop located in Tamslouht, 20 km outside of the city. There, 5 skilled artisans including himself weave our cotton and wool pillows and blankets. Each item is handwoven on manual looms and oversized pom poms are later attached. The cotton is sourced from a local trade shop and the wool from a woman in a small village nearby.

In the Old Medina, Rachid runs the leather workshop, works alongside 3 talented tradesmen to craft our leather pillows. The team buys the leather from a local shop called “Souk Jaled.” The leather is first cut, then dyed by hand and finally hand-stitched for a stunning final product.

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