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Green Forest Linen Studio

Green Forest Linen Studio

Cultivation of the flax plant and linen weaving have been traditions in Lithuania for hundreds of years and play a significant role in the country’s heritage.

Our linen and wool pillows are made in a small studio run out of a home in a small forest village in Lithuania. The owner of the workshop, Rosita, designs the pieces which are handmade by herself and her team. As their business has grown, members of the community have been recruited to handmake pillow covers and table fabrics from natural fabrics such as linen, cotton and wool.

Her days are busy and she tries to manage her time wisely by squeezing in as many tasks as possible. She goes into town only three days a week, to send out orders and purchase fabric and sewing supplies. She is always on the lookout for inspiring interior design and loves creating home décor elements that are practical, durable and which add character to interior spaces.

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