5 Easy Steps to a Beautiful Table Setting this Holiday

5 Easy Steps to a Beautiful Table Setting this Holiday

Having a beautiful table doesn't have to be complicated. With a few simple tips, you can easily impress your guests this holiday season.

Here are our 5 easy tricks to a stunning (and secretly simple) tablescape:

1. Simple is Key to Sophistication.

Use the length of your table and arrange your decor along the center. Use only 2-3 different elements for your centerpiece. I recommend easily accessible items such as flowers and candles as you’ll need several of each. 

2. Lure Them In with Motion and Color.

You’ll want to gently grab your guests’ attention with color or motion. The easiest way to incorporate motion is by using candles in your table setting. The flickering flame will catch their eyes. For color, use a neutral color for 1 of the 2-3 elements, and a pop of color in the rest.  

3. Hold their Gaze with Repetition and Composition.

Repetition: Spread the elements in your centerpiece along the length of your table in alternate order to pull your guests' eyes along the length of your table. For example, space 3 vases with flowers evenly across the length of the table and then add candles in between the vases.

Composition: Arrange the elements at different heights to add intrigue and allure. For example, flowers can be placed on a higher level and candles can sit lower down to create variance. Or, use 2-3 different sized candles. 

4. Add Sophistication with Texture.

Use serving boards and bowls made of natural materials to introduce gentle texture to your table. Marble and wood are perfect for this task because the natural veining of marble and the grain pattern of wood provide visual and tangible texture which captures and holds the eye. Take a look at our beautiful marble and wood serving boards here.

Courtesy of Room for Tuesday

5. Accentuate Your Table with the Right Backdrop.

Choose table linens that complement your tablescape. Linen tablecloths and napkins have a down-to-earth elegance that infuses your table with natural beauty. Plus, linen gets softer with each wash, becoming even more beautiful and luxurious with time.

Tablecloths: Choose a color tablecloth that complements your centerpiece. For classy chic, go with white. For a sophisticated look, use charcoal gray or deep purple. For a relaxed undertone, light gray or light pink is perfect.

Napkins: For an elegant minimalist look, use napkins that are the same color as your tablecloth. If you prefer to add subtle depth to your table, use white napkins with a colored tablecloth or alternatively, colored napkins or striped napkins with a white or natural linen tablecloth. See some beautiful linen napkins here.

Courtesy of Room for Tuesday

As you can see, it’s easy to create an exceptionally stunning table setting that will start your evening off on a high note and will be sure to signal to your guests that they can expect a fun, unforgettable evening.

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