About Us

About Us

We sell beautiful home products made by highly skilled craftspeople who are experts in their trade
– essentially, the modern day “Smith”.

Our items are top quality because we curate products directly from talented small producers.

Our products are made using ethical and sustainable manufacturing practices and transparent processes.

Our Story

Every great business idea stems from a problem. Ours was three-fold:

1. We were tired of buying low quality items that are mass manufactured and sold in bulk;

2. We didn’t have access to the high quality products made locally by skilled craftspeople; and

3. Talented small producers didn’t have the resources to market their items to a global audience.

We started Sevensmith to allow our customers to shop for beautiful, well-made items ethically produced by highly skilled artisans.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our products and the community of makers we support, that are able to spend more time doing what they love thanks to Sevensmith.