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Autumn Decor: 9 Easy Ways to Style Your Home for Fall

Autumn Decor: 9 Easy Ways to Style Your Home for Fall

By Rachel Brown ·

Earth tones complemented by bright red, yellow and orange leaves create the stunning color palette we admire as we sip our pumpkin spice lattes. Oh yes, autumn is here! It's time to cozy up your living space as the temperature outside falls. To help you get started, we've put together nine of our favorite autumn home decor tips.

1. Candles

Set down and light up a few scented candles around your home including in the bathroom, bedroom and living room. Candles set a romantic, cozy ambiance as the weather turns cold and the aroma will bring your sense of smell straight into autumn. We suggest a seasonal scent such as apple cider or pumpkin spice.

2. Soft Plush Sheepskins

Fall is all about comfort and you want to add as much softness and coziness as you can to your space. Sheepskins are the perfect way to add an extra touch of warmth to your favorite chair or sofa. They also make great small rugs because they feel plush and thick under your feet, keeping your toes from getting chilly.

White sheepskins are also great because they add light into the warm - their white color reflects the light that pours in, adding extra brightness on darker fall days.

3. Warm Comfy Blankets

As the world gets colder, cozy up by the fireplace engulfed in a large, comfy throw. Beautiful thrown over the arm of a chaise or sofa, this functional piece will add tactile depth to your living room decor while keeping you warm all the way through the winter.

Go with beige or a shade of gray for a more minimalist look, mustard for farmhouse flair or wild with color for vibrant sophistication.

4. Reader's Haven

As the temperature starts to drop, there's nothing better than snuggling up on the couch with a good book. So why not use your favorite novels to decorate your home? Select a few nice-looking hardcovers and stack or line them up on a shelf, TV stand or side table. The Book Depository and Barnes and Noble have gorgeous hardcover classics like The Iliad and To Kill a Mockingbird.

Next, find yourself a couple of coffee table books or a few pretty magazines to slip beside a bowl or vase to add some color and interest to your big, beautiful coffee table.  Plus, these make great conversation pieces for when you have company! We recommend In Full Flower if you are a floral lover, for bread makers Tartine Bread, My Paris Kitchen for those longing for French flavors, and for stories that capture the human spirit Humans of New York.

5. Fun Texture

Pom poms are here to stay! We loved them last year and they're making a comeback this fall. Fun and full of flair, pom pom pillows and blankets are perfect for adding a tactile accent to your room. Throw some pom pom pillows on your couch or arrange them on your bed paired with a pom pom bed covering, which not only gives your bed a minimalist chic look put provides extra warmth on cold fall nights.

While white Moroccan pom pom pillows are popular, we love the idea of changing it up with different pom pom colors and designs. 

6. Empty Surfaces

Treat windowsills and mantelpieces as an empty canvas.  They are often ignored spots as far as decor goes, but so frequently catch your peripherals as you go about your day. That's why we love to spruce these spaces up.

Pumpkins and gourds come in all shapes and sizes and are a natural, popular autumn decoration. They can be hollowed out and filled with flowers. Or, you may prefer a grandiose wreath, large pine cones or a line of your favorite potted plants.

7. Woven Throw Pillows

Warm up the place you love to lounge with warm and soft textures by giving your pillows a quick makeover with a set of knit covers.  For a subdued look, pair cream pillows with beige and charcoal gray. For a more vibrant look, go for navy and pale pink.

8. Wall Accents

Wall accents are intimidating because drilling holes in walls is a big commitment.  But, nothing adds to your living room like wall decor, so muster up some courage and take out the old tool kit.

Start with a safe place, like centered above your couch or armchair and make sure that the art does not expand further than the furniture above which it's hung.

Try a large painting, a funky mirror or a bright yellow wall clock. Apparently, when a bit of yellow catches your eye, it has an uplifting influence on your overall mood.

9. Autumn Curtains

Curtains are a great way to use texture and color to easily change up your decor.

Dark olive green beautifully complements various color schemes because it adds a rich forest-esque element to any mix. If you're looking for a more neutral look, you can't go wrong with a cream-colored, textured curtain.  It's a classic look, and lets the light linger a little longer in your perfectly decorated living room.

Either way, draw back your drapery with big gray ropes, so that you don't miss the trees as they change colors!

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